Thank you indeed for using this site this time. Users must use this site after recognizing, and approving the following each item though this site is making an effort to report service and information that can be trusted to users and to erase it. Moreover, this rule might be revised by the convenience of this site. This revision is assumed to be the one opened to the public on this site. It is considered that it has the use of users of this site, and it agreed to this rule.

About the immunity and the service offer for the customer

The accuracy and completeness of information that this site offers cannot be guaranteed. Moreover, even if it originates in information concerned by any chance and damage and the trouble occur in a customer and other third party, this site doesn't assume the responsibility at all. Moreover, this cannot be diverted about all information on this site. I will prohibit unauthorized use all informational including the text and the image, etc. on this site.
Please acknowledge correcting this site at the customer's responsibility and cost when judging that it violates this rule.

About the link

1.Please limit the link to this site to the link to which the page is displayed alone. The link of the forms displayed in the shape built into the intraframe etc. of customer's site cannot be set.
2.When this site judges that there are the one and other problem that the content of the site offends public order and morals, I will refuse the link.

About the service interruption

This site might interrupt service without a prior report such as "The system maintains, checks, and repairs", It becomes impossible "To provide service due to a fire and the power failure", It becomes impossible "To provide service due to some disasters", and It becomes impossible "To provide service by any reasons additionally". This site doesn't assume the responsibility in the trouble and damage because of service at all.